I am accredited through the National Brokerage Network and this what I can do for you or someone you care for:-

  • Review, prepare and/or identify indicative costs of creating and implementing a person centred plan
  • Support the development and sustainability of a personal support network
  • Identify and apply for funding from all government and non-government sources
  • Clarify the person's needs and expectations as part of the Care Managers' assessment eligibility criteria under "Fair Access to Care"
  • Support "Fair Access to Care" appeals process if required
  • Assist to develop a vision of a preferred lifestyle using PATH and other relevant person centred planning tools
  • Identify and access community resources
  • Assist with funding negotiation with Council Commissioners
  • Direct liaison and negotiation with service providers
  • Arrange and implement plans as directed by the individual, family and personal support network
  • Mediate and resolve problems (as directed by you!!)

Currently due to commitments around a research project I am involved I am not offering any brokerage support until August 2016 - however if you need a chat about brokerage please feel free to contact me